RAGTRADE ATLANTA is an organization committed to developing a sustainable fashion industry for the City of Atlanta. In efforts to further the growth and interests of local and international designers, RAGTRADE partnered with 10 Squared to develop programming that would position Atlanta as a go to city for emerging fashion designers who have aspirations to launch their career.

The result? RAGTRADE ATLANTA Runway Show plus year round programming that educates, encourages relationships building and a content house.


After honing in our target – the millennial female and male who have aspirations on growing their brand outside of major cities such as New York and Los Angeles – 10 Squared developed a set of core insights to bring to the table.

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars

With the rise of individual empowerment, our target does not grow up with aspirations of working for other companies. Their goals are to launch and grow their own personal brand.

Mentorship is lacking

Atlanta fashion community is filled with talented designers who could achieve major success. However, what Atlanta lacks, is an central organization that provides programming to mentor our target on life’s tricky business decisions.

RAGTRADE ATLANTA members visit Blankslate Showroom

Atlanta is not known for having a fashion community

Even though it exists, Atlanta is not known for having a fashion community. Individuals, schools and private businesses tend to be overlooked and not promoted.

Atlanta’s fashion community is not diverse

Atlanta’s fashion community tends to operate in different silo’s and not come together to accomplish the overall goal of positioning Atlanta as a key player in the global fashion space.

RAGTRADE ATLANTA 2017 Opening Night


The result of our insight work was a brand platform designed to:

  1. Change the reputation and perception about emerging designers in Atlanta by providing a platform that will highlight their creativity and work
  2. Provide monthly programming that brings Atlanta fashion community together to build a sense of community through workshops, panel discussions and social events
  3. Position RAGTRADE ATLANTA to be the authority for all things fashion in the Atlanta market


  • RAGTRADE ATLANTA Runway Show – a platform that spotlight’s 5 to 7 emerging designers who are on the verge of success
  • #MADEINATL – A speaker series that connects emerging fashion designers with individuals and businesses who have successfully navigated through the ups and downs of starting a business
  • RAGTRADE ATLANTA Membership Program – a program that allows individuals who share a common interest in growing Atlanta’s fashion community to come together and network


Since it’s inception in 2013, RAGTRADE ATLANTA has grown in major numbers.

  • The annual runway show continues to sell out within one week of announcement and is heavily attended by 450+ people each year.
  • Featured designers are presented with opportunities to partner with corporate partners such as Lincoln Motor Company, Lectra, W Hotels and more.
  • The organization continues to receive millions of impressions on social media and new media.
  • Monthly programming has quickly aligned and afforded new opportunities for Atlanta’s fashion community

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