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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) has reigned supreme as the “The world’s most visited airport” for the past few years. Housing the world’s largest airplane carriers, and recently receiving awards on their food offerings, ATL wanted to bring more awareness to their retail concessionaires under their program: ATL Skypointe.
ATL engaged our agency to develop a multi-layered campaign highlighting their fashion/retail concessionaires offerings.

10 Squared developed the brand campaign “Global Runway” to highlight the vast retail offerings at ATL. 10 Squared integrated social influencers, digital content and experiential marketing to escalate awareness of the ATL Skypointe program to a new audience.

To jump start the awareness campaign for ATL concessionaires, 10 Squared created a integrated marketing campaign that sought to:
Produce offline and online media assets to increase awareness for the ATL Skypointe program.
Engage social influencers by leveraging their network to garner social media impressions and press.
Develop an experiential event that included the participation of ATL retail concessionaires, social influencers and Atlanta’s fashion community.

ATL Skypointe – Shop.Dine.Explore from Hartsfield-Jackson on Vimeo.

Using social influencers to launch a multi-layered strategy, 10 Squared focused heavily on impression formation for the client. The “Global Runway” campaign over-achieved targeted campaign social impressions by 15%. Our targeted KPI was 2.5 million and today the campaign is currently over 2.9 million and growing.
The campaign has also achieved over 1,000,000 unique social media views. By combining social influencers along with a curated invite list of key influencers during the experiential phase, we successfully over-achieved our KPI’s for the client and their needs…proving influence spreads.

10 Squared successfully launched ATL’s first brand awareness campaign highlighting the world’s busiest airport retail offerings and the event was successfully executed with over 250+ key attendees. In addition, we remained 30k under the agencies allotted budget while over-achieving targeted campaign social impressions by 15%.

The campaign garnered several media placements immediately following the event…creating livable content for the client. In addition, we generated reusable marketing assets for online and offline channels such as: campaign photos, retail brand photos, campaign commercial, and additional video content taken from the experiential event.

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