Culture vs. Strategy

Many business gurus have debated what is more important to their business… culture vs strategy. Although they are both different in meaning there is a symbiotic relationship between the two. For our agency, we look at building a culture around a company as the #1 strategy you can implement for growth.

Culture comes from the philosophy of the companies founder(s), and it is their job to build a likeminded team that can grow their business. Google, Chipotle and Apple spearheaded the shift in corporate culture. By doing this, they used the strategy of culture to propel their businesses to #1 in their industries.

Google became infamous on the non-traditional way they secured talent. The recruits behavior and how they think in situations is stronger in value than a resume with Google. They really tapped into the mind of the person they considered bring on, their philosophy and approach to situations. Inside of Google’s organization, they provide you with complimentary food, sleeping areas and in the early days they became infamous for their 20% philosophy to encourage you to work on your own personal projects during your work hours. This is how the now famous Gmail was created by an employee during those free working hours. Although Google has changed some of their early groundbreaking ideas on how their culture is built… it is no wonder how quickly they rose to #1 and how countless other companies copied the Google culture.

Chipotle took a ‘hiring from within’ approach to grow their organization. “In 2005, the US Company underwent a transformation that would make its culture as distinct as its food. As stores opened across the US, the company focused on creating a system where promoting managers from within would create a feedback loop of better, more motivated, and more engaged, employees. That year, about 20% of the company’s managers had been promoted from within. In the recent year, nearly 85% of salaried managers and 96% of hourly managers were the results of internal promotions”. (Source: Chipotle)

Quality, care, and retention spreads in their organization and their growth is amazing.

Apples culture is all about innovation, simplicity and changing the user experience putting this first before money. From an internal aspect they do not wow their employees with free food and other perks. Steve Jobs philosophy was to focus on the company and the stock will go up so the employees can afford those things.

You can find countless articles on philosophies of these companies but the consistency between them all is they put a strong focus on culture first and it is no wonder they are the leaders today.

So today ask yourself “what kind of culture does or will my company have?”

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