Boost or Promote There Is a Difference

When Facebook and Instagram inserted the now recognizable blue buttons “Promote” or “Boost Post” … something happened in the world of marketing and branding. With just the click of a button and five dollars, the illusion of self-controlled marketing started to grow.

So, what exactly is the difference between a person using the boosted post versus a well thought out digital strategy executed by an agency? Well let’s explore further…

It is very easy to spend money with boosted posts on Facebook, but this is also a great way to waste your dollars and not get the results that you COULD be achieving. If you walk into a crowded room with men, women, children of all ages and ethnicities with a huge sign advertising your business everyone would see it. This could be effective if you wanted more people to know about your business; however, more than likely, this strategy will not yield the results you ultimately want.

Most companies in the end are looking for a more targeted result for their dollars. Awareness is great, but in the end, companies want a specific result such as: increasing your customer base, mailing list, events, selling a product, increasing web traffic and more. Working with an effective agency that specializes in digital strategy can get you more bang for your buck. Now take this scenario… You walk into the same room to promote your ad, but this time around, the only people in the room are the people who are your customers i.e. women of a specific ethnicity, age group and even income the result equals a higher conversion for you needs using the same amount of money.

A digital strategy will eliminate the spray and pray tactic and focus on the client and their specific needs. Using tools such as Facebook ads will allow an agency to do more targeted campaigns for the client. Also building creative assets that will resonate with the targeted audience such as: photoshoots, video shoots, messaging, font selection, logo identity and more. Building out a content calendar with a campaign is key in keeping the customer focused and increasing frequency.

In conclusion, the boosted post can be a nickel and dime tactic that will drive up your cost and not yield the ultimate results. A well planned digital strategy that takes your concept to creation will in the long term get you there.

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